Former Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan is in the news for reasons he may not like. He aspires to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but his personal life has come under the scanner. His third marriage to Bushra Manika, a faith healer and mother of five from her previous marriage has not enthused the Pak massas. His ex-wife Rehman Khan has also mounted an attack on him, and her interviews have rocked Pakistan. Geo News has reported that Reham Khan who left Pakistan a few days back has said that she had to leave Pakistan because of death threats by the supporters of Imran.

She also added that she does not see Imran becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan as he is a "tired man."

Reham vs Imran

Reham Khan is a beautiful lady but her ambition to enter politics led to a clash with Imran. She has claimed that Imran had started his affair with Bushra while he was married to her. She added that Imran is superstitious and now he is dominated by the forecasts of his new wife. The marriage of Imran appears to have acted as a dampener to his political ambitions, and in the recent, by- poll in Punjab, his candidate was routed. As reported by the Times of India, Reham Khan claimed that she had to leave Pakistan as some supporters of Imran threatened to bomb her. She also added that the chance of Imran Khan becoming PM of Pakistan was non-existent.

Imran Khan

Imran had the image of a playboy and for over two decades captured the imagination of Pakistan with his exploits on the cricket field. He led Pakistan to a world cup win in 1992, and when he played cricket, he was highly regarded by the cricket fraternity as a genuine allrounder who could bat and bowl at express speed.People still remember his spell for 8-40 in the Karachi test match against India in 1983.

After retirement from cricket, Imran Khan entered politics and has relentlessly campaigned against Nawaz Sharif, who he accuses of corruption. Nawaz has now been unseated by the Pakistan Supreme Court and Imran sees a ray of hope for him to lead his party the Tehreek e-Insaf to victory in the coming election. He hopes he will be PM as he has the support of the Pak army which has indicated their preference for him as much as they dislike Nawaz.

Last word

Imran Khan has been in politics for nearly two decades but has made little headway. This time he feels his third wife who is a faith healer, will be able to guide him and he will win the election. However, his lifestyle may well go against him as his ex-wife Reham Khan has mounted an attack on him. Her allegations that the affair commenced while he was married to her and she has received death threats may be a dampener to his ambitions.