Sridevi's death has shocked the legion of her fans. For close to two decades the actress had ruled Bollywood as the number one star till she gave up acting and married producer Boney Kapoor. Boney was already married with grownup children and Sridevi broke a family. Republic World has now reported that her death which was earlier announced as due to "cardiac arrest" has become a mystery as the autopsy report by the medical department in Dubai has concluded that the death could be due to "accidental drowning."

A mystery

The death of Sridevi has now become an enigma.

The earlier news dished out that she had died of a heart attack, has been debunked by the autopsy report. Some more facts have emerged that show that this is not an open and shut case. It is now known that her husband Boney Kapoor had left Sridevi in Dubai and gone with Amar Singh to attend an entrepreneur summit in Lucknow. The hotel staff has confirmed that Sridevi never left her room for two days. What could be the reason?

Autopsy report

The autopsy report is also poorly worded and the word drowning is spelled as "drawning." It states that death was due to drowning and the Khaleej Times has reported that the body was not pulled out by Boney Kapoor from the bathtub but by the medical team. It also states that traces of alcohol were found in her blood.The family friend Amar Singh has stated that Sridevi never drank hard liquor and only occasionally took red wine.

People are asking if that was the case, how is it possible that Sridevi with just a glass of wine fell and drowned in a bathtub, which is not the same as a swimming pool.

The death has raised many questions and the case is now with the criminal department of Dubai police. Hotel staff has been interrogated and the police have said that Boney Kapoor may be asked to join the investigation.

An intriguing statement as reported by Republic TV is attributed to Amarsingh. He has said that they had no financial worries as"all their loans were paid." This statement does not fit into the scenario. Had the couple taken loans? It is also known that Boney Kapoor squandered a lot of money of Sridevi with no returns.

Investigation needed

Sridevi drowning in a bathtub does on the face of it looks unlikely. In addition, it is not understood how the body was bloated which can only happen if a lot of time has elapsed. Also, Boney Kapoor took almost 2 hours to alert the police.Why?

The legion of her fans deserves that the death be investigated and all angles probed. It is indeed sad that a woman who entertained millions and was an icon of Bollywood should die in this unfortunate manner.