“Life is not a bed rose.” “There are no shortcuts to success in life.” “Life is what happens.” “Life is simple. And, it’s complicated.” “It’s not as easy as it seems like.” These are some of most popular happy life quotes you will come across in your day-to-day life. Everyone goes through bad phases at some points in their life.

Will not try to bore you down with my story, but I also have been through a lot in my life. Well, that’s the story of everyone out there! You can relate to this.

Have you ever thought why do some people always look happy?

You must have seen them around at your workplace or in your neighborhood. Why do they keep smiling even in the toughest of situations? Why do they not stress themselves out over anything?

That’s because they have dug out the code of happiness. So, what are those codes that can help you lead a happy, calm life? (Yes, keeping calm is equally important to be happy.)

Here are 9 Hacks that you can try and practice for a happy and calm life:

Fake it

Researchers show that pretending to be happy in challenging situations has positive effects on the mind, which helps you kill away disappointments of many kinds.

Go shopping

Shoppers are happy and self-motivated creatures. That’s a proven fact. In an hour of stress, you can also go shopping or maybe browse through your favorite online shopping site, and buy something that you have wanted for so long.

Realize that 'the bests' are actually achievable

The term “Best” is superlative. It itself says it is an extreme and complex affair. If you run behind perfection, be ready for a long-awaited spell of success. This could be a cause of cheerlessness. If you look out for the best, you will probably keep searching and searching and searching and exhaust your energy and hope.

Instead, as a solution, try doing better than your previous effort. This way, you will be miles ahead of where you started, and happier also.


Exercising is the best you can do to stay fit. When you keep fit, you are happy automatically. Working out on a routine basis boosts your energy and improves your immune system – that means more happiness.

Think before having something that isn’t good for you

Beer, ice cream, pizza (pardon me for putting it on the list), puff, soda, etc. are sexy delights you often crave for. Though, gulping them down may release a feeling of guilt. Additionally, they won’t give out anything good in your favor. Undeniably, guilt is source unhappiness. Grab the foods that are good for your health.

Get some sun

Make a habit of going out every day to get some sun. It is good for your bones and happiness. The bright sun-rays fill your life with brightness and warmth.

Do what you love

Caught in the wrong job? Your passion is singing, but you are working as a Billing Clerk, start chasing your singing dream. I’m not suggesting you leave your job, but try to spare some time to sharpen your vocal cords and establish yourself as a singer.

Becoming a singer will be a joy of its own.

Volunteer and help others

Offering help to others is a great satisfaction. It helps you fill in the emptiness on the inside. You can contribute through charities and social causes. You can also help people in need directly and see them smile.

Be thankful

Realize and be thankful for everything you have. God has given you so many things that many people don’t have and can't afford.

Also, you should spend time with your loved ones and eat healthily.