Most of the first world countries call India a third-world. However, we definitely don’t relate to the exact Wikipedia’s definition of a Third-World country.

We are as human as they are. But, a few things, such as dating and being in an open relationship with someone, are still a fearsome affair in most parts of the country.

People like me hesitate to date the opposite sex, because:

#1. She is the daughter of a policeman or politician!

“Tu Janta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai?” (Do you know who my father is?) is one of the most favorite dialogue of Indians.

Your girlfriend being the daughter of a policeman or politician is a threat of its kind. You know, you can be nabbed for doing nothing (or should I say: just for smiling, saying Hi, and taking her out for a Chai or coffee.)

#2. Somvaar Vrat Katha

"I don’t eat anything on Mondays." is what she often says when you meet her up after the weekend. Not just Mondays, each day of the week has its own religious importance. One of my female friends (just tea break friends) wouldn’t eat anything, not even Chai, on Mondays. I mean, who says no to Chai in India? Such girls are a big turn off.

#3. Vegetarian Only

A large number of Indians are vegetarian. That’s why Peta loves India. I am a vegetarian, and my ex-girlfriend was a hardcore chicken grabber.

Now, you know the reason why we didn’t go so far.

#4. She sings like Dhinchak Pooja

Dhinchak Pooja is a perfect eardrum buster. Your girl thinks she sings like Shreya Ghoshal and you like how she sings. How dramatic! So finally you end the drama, and say Poo (tu) ja!

#5. She doesn’t act like your dream queen

Everyone dreams (fanaticises).

When you see her for the first time, she looks like your dream queen. But, when you get closer and meet over a few times, you realize, she doesn’t.

#6. She raps

Well, I don’t have any issues with rapping. But, when you do it all wrong, it burns my nostril hair. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who has got the problem with wrong lyrics or pronunciation.

#7. Not so interesting stories

We all have some stories to tell. The Indian mentality says stories, specifically love stories, are boring if they aren’t ours. When you date, you get to hear so many boring stories.

#8. Comparison

“Wo to aisa nhi tha.” (If he were you, he wouldn’t do that.) Comparisons happen. And they are a huge turn-off. Comparison causes so many breakups.

#9. Sapiosexualism

The word is quite popular on Tinder among girls, who have converted this dating platform into an Indian thing. They say, “I am on Tinder to find friends.” I mean really? On a dating site? Even people at Tinder wouldn’t have thought that Indian genders will use them as a tool to find friends. WTF.

Bajrang Dal

And finally, Bajrang Dal and Anti-Romeo Squad (they are the official version of Bajrang Dal) are the biggest reason couples fear going out openly. If they find you, they will give a family touch to your Relationship; you will become her brother, and she, your sister!