It was the marriage of the second son of my brother-in-law. The bridegroom and his joint family are living at Sainik Vihar. The house at Sainik Vihar is a 3-story building. Some of the ‘baratis’ came as far as from the US and Canada. They fancy for foreign liquor which they brought along with them.

DJ with loud music takes center stage in marriage these days

These days loud music on DJ takes center stage in marriages. Both young and old shake their legs on the popular numbers. Most of them do not know how to dance, but they blindly follow the steps wherever they go, oblivious to the fact that they are being mocked at.

Such a ‘tamasha’ is seen everywhere in marriages.

Shagun Ceremony at 'The Grace'

‘Shagun’ ceremony took place in one of the banquet halls at Wazirpur Industrial area by the name of ‘The Grace.’ The Grace was gracefully lighted up and decorated to suit the occasion. People thronged to the ceremony in their best and newly purchased attire.

Baratis were transported from Delhi to Panipat by a bus

The bride’s residence is in panipat. As a result, a bus was taken on hire to transport ‘baratis’ to Panipat. On the day of marriage, all ‘baratis’ boarded the bus at around 5 p.m. for Panipat. It takes two and a half hours to reach Panipat from Delhi. Baratis were served with chilled beer and chips on their way to Panipat in the bus so that they begin the party in style.

Ladies left early for Panipat so that they have sufficient time for the beauty parlor.

Venue at Panipat

The venue at Panipat was divided into two parts – one portion was earmarked for assembly of Barat and the other for reception.

Baratis were limited in numbers because when it comes to an out-station marriage, many skip the occasion.

Band Bajja was arranged

‘Band Bajja’ was also arranged, but the distance from one door to the other was just 20 yards. Few still managed to shake their legs to complete the ceremony.

Since it was a chilly night and the mercury fell below normal, ‘angithis’ were strategically placed so that people are not rendered shivering in the blistering cold.

Usual snacks followed by a variety of meals were served. Strictly no non-veg and liquor were served on the occasion from bride's side.

Lavan Phere were re-arranged inside due to cold

Everything went accordingly to plan. ‘Lavan Phere’ which was scheduled to be held in the open was re-organized inside the premises given the cold weather.

Panipat to Delhi journey was a nightmare experience as mercury fell below normal

Next day at 5 in the morning, when ‘Doli’ was about to leave Panipat, baratis started boarding the bus, and it turned out to be a nightmare experience. The mercury fell below normal, and everybody was found in a state of shivering.

A suggestion was made well in advance that since it is extremely cold these days why not hire a bus with an arrangement for heating within the bus so that the cold is neutralized to some extent. But the idea was unceremoniously dropped due to money constraints. Such attitude often proves counter-productive as early morning journey from Panipat to Delhi was an unforgettable experience.