China has made great strides in the field of industry and manufacture of goods. The Chinese have been manufacturing condoms also, and they are supplying these to Zimbabwe. They are also supplying these items to Muslim countries like Malaysia and UAE. However, a lot of complaints have come against the Chinese condoms. These complaints were articulated by the Zimbabwe Health Minister, who claimed that the Chinese condoms were too small for the African men. IBN news has reported that the Zimbabwe health Minister made these comments at a function on AIDS awareness.

Spread of AIDS

The Chinese are well known to market goods that or not only cheap but suit the people. It is surprising that the Chinese did not do much homework when they went about marketing condoms in Africa. There is a dire need for condoms, as these are the only effective methods to check the spread of AIDS. Condoms are supposed to have a success rate of 85% and hence are in great demand.

The development of the human race all over the earth has not been uniform. Chinese men are physically on the average smaller in size than the African Negro.China made the mistake of marketing the same type of condoms in use in China.It stands to reason that these condoms did not fit the African men and complaints against them were voiced.Most African men felt the condoms were "too small."

Zimbabwe is a country that had a large number of HIV positive men and women.

WHO has estimated that approximately 13.5% of Zimbabwe population is infected with the virus. The problem is thus of alarming proportion. It is also learned that nearly 40000 fresh cases emerge every year. One of the reasons for the spread of this disease is the tribal culture that approves multiple partners and unrestricted sex.

Tribal culture dates back to many centuries, and there is very little chance that it can be changed.

Controlling AIDS

Under the direction of the WHO and UNAIDS, a concerted drive has been launched to try and control AIDS. Supplying condoms is part of this drive and men are being encouraged to use this contraceptive. China has been quick to supply the condoms, but now complaints have emerged against Chinese made condoms.

Similar complaints have been voiced by the South African Health Minister. He has also said that Chinese made condoms are too small for African men

The Chinese have made a note of the complaint, and it is understood that remedial measures are being taken. Probably the next lot of Chinese condoms will be of a bigger size