Since the dawn of life, people have been struggling to make their way through the crowd. From running as a sperm in our parent's body to running as a cheetah in our professional lives, we have been forced to view life as a marathon. With each new year, comes along a new set of conflicts that negatively occupy our mind.

However, the conflicts that are the most arduous to tackle with are those that we fight and try to overcome within ourselves. Disengaging ourselves from an issue with others is not very challenging, however, when we find it difficult to agree and accept some of our own actions, it is particularly stressing because we can never remove ourselves from such a conflict.

Inner conflicts, origins and hot deal with it

Such inner conflicts can be a cause of questioning our beliefs, actions, and behaviour. The act of questioning might have been a cause of an event or situation. However, noticeably, the main cause of such conflicts is inner doubt and mental stress. It is common to come across such emotional instability nowadays, and this is an unfavourable result of the routine that the modern world carries. Each individual is stressing over some issue, for example loans, unemployment, family issues, etc. It is the fear of not surviving that leads to the accumulation of negative energies that further results in questioning our own actions and reactions.

The two A's


  • Consider the technique of avoidance, where the individual will develop an aura and arrangement whereby he will distance and pull himself away from any exhibiting behaviours or instances that contradict with his/her internal beliefs and actions.


  • Another method that has managed to breathe is by altering the importance we attribute and contribute to our cognition, i.e. our beliefs, actions, attitudes and dissonant instances.

All of us at different junctures in our life will come across situations where we will have to pick a bone with ourselves or one and another, challenge something within us.

And no matter how difficult it is, we should strive to align our beliefs and consents the closest that we can to make the most correct decision.

Moreover, conceptions of right and wrong in themselves are problematic. What is right for one might be wrong for another, but we must keep in mind that we are as likely to be wrong as to be right, hence adopting stress over issues makes our mind unfit and unhealthy. The two A's should be kept in mind whenever one feels less confident or tries to question his own self.