Sridevi was one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood, and there is no doubt that she was a superstar. Her death has plunged her fans into sorrow, and this is heightened by the fact that inconsistent reports have emerged about the cause of her death. First, it was broadcast that she had cardiac arrest and after a few hours it was later changed to death by accidental drowning.

Though the Dubai police have ruled the death as accidental, the Asian Age has quoted the veteran BJP leader and ex-professor at Harvard, Subramaniam Swamy, that in his opinion Sridevi was murdered.

Swamy has pointed to the nexus that exists between Bollywood and the underworld and dons like Dawood Ibrahim and Abu Salem. As is well known Abu Salem had pushed for Monica Bedi to get the role of a heroine in a film opposite Sanjay Dutt. Abu Salem on a tip-off was arrested and extradited from Portugal and is at present in Jail. He is facing a trial for multiple offenses.

Nexus underworld and Bollywood

Dawood is also known to finance many films in Bollywood, and many top heroines and heroes are known to have danced at the parties thrown by the don. Many heroines from Bollywood have had a close and intimate relationship with Dawood. This has been pointed out by Swamy.

A statement by Taslima Sharif, the Bengali writer now living in India that healthy people don’t drown in a bathtub is significant.

This is a telling observation as a bathtub is not a swimming pool. It is known that Sridevi was very conscious of her health and as confirmed by a family friend Amar Singh, she never drank hard liquor. She occasionally drank wine, so the fact that traces of alcohol were found in her blood heightens the mystery. Amar Singh made one enigmatic comment when he said that Sridevi would not have done what she did.

Different versions

These statements and the different versions given by Boney Kapoor and others show that the truth is something else. Sridevi also did not leave her hotel room for two days. This is again a mystery. The Dubai police have concluded it was an accidental death, but there are too many loose ends. Sridevi's death needs to be investigated.

One should remember that wife of Congress leader Shashi Tharoor was supposed to have died of an overdose of drugs but now it is known she was murdered and an investigation is on. Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction.

Last word

If one has read the stories of Agatha Christie, one will realize that what looks straightforward is in real terms something else. It is incumbent on the Mumbai police to investigate the case in totality. Perhaps, it may not be murder, but the truth must be known.