Vijay Mallya the business tycoon known for his flamboyant lifestyle and now holed up in London is likely to marry his live-in partner Pinky Lalwani an ex-air hostess. This would be Mallya's third marriage and comes at a critical time when the Indian government has filed extradition proceedings against him to be brought back to India to face trial in an alleged case of criminal breach of trust, money laundering, and cheating.

The amount quoted is Rs 12,000 crore, but to knowledgeable persons, this is a greatly inflated figure as the banks and creditors have already seized nearly 6,000 crores of Vijay Mallya's assets in India.

NDTV has reported that Mallya is likely to marry Pinky Lalwani, a girl he had selected as an air hostess for his now-defunct airline Kingfisher Air.

King of good times

Mallya has been attending court proceedings as he fights the attempt by the Indian government to extradite him to India to face trial. Pinky has been seen to accompanying the business tycoon to court and is in a live-in relation with him. Mallya is accused of swindling a consortium of Indian banks led by the Punjab National bank. Incidentally, PNB is the second-biggest bank in India. The magistrate hearing the case has already observed that Mallya is himself not responsible as Indian banks bent the rules to favor Mallya. Now the government has admitted that some bank officials were in a conspiracy to help Mallya.

A few have been arrested.

During his heydays, Mallya was known as the "King of Good Times." He lived a flamboyant life, and his calendars of girls in Bikinis for his airline Kingfisher was very popular. Mallya was also a Member of the Upper House (The Rajya Sabha). At that time he was supported by all parties including the ruling BJP.


Vijay Mallya was married twice earlier and has three children from his earlier three marriages. His first marriage was to Sameera Tyabjee, a former Air India air hostess, in 1986-87. He married a second time In 1993, to Rekha Mallya. His ex-wives live in India.


Mallya escaped to the UK when someone from the government tipped him about the complaint being filed by PNB.

Mallya was arrested by Scotland Yard in April last year and is out on bail. His relationship with Pinky commenced about three years back, and a week back the couple celebrated their "togetherness" together. Pinky was selected by Mallya in 2011 for his airline as an air-hostess.

Last word

Mallya, however, could be in deep trouble as Narendra Modi has spoken to Theresa May about him during her last visit to Delhi. He will need more than Pinky's good wishes to escape the net cast by the Indian government.