If you look at any newspaper, you come across news related to political, science and technology items. In-between the lines you may have seen a large portion of the news recently covered with the rising rate of suicide committed by juveniles.

India has world's largest population. The statics released by the WHO (World Health Organization) shows that India has the worlds highest Rate of Suicides among youth aged 15 to 29. There is about one suicide occurring every 40 seconds across the globe. In India every hour a juvenile commits suicide. The statics may distress you that India ranks 43rd in descending order of rates of suicide committed by the youth.

The question that keeps on hitting our minds, is why juveniles commit suicide in India?

Family and peer pressure

Family and peers which have always proven to be the backbone of any person's life, pull him/her from dark the days. Sometimes though, it also becomes the one that pushes the young mind into darkness or into depression. In India, it’s not acceptable for any family to agree that his/her child is going through some mental illness.

In any Indian family, they always relate their child’s failure or success to others. This sometimes triggers the child suicidal tendencies. He does this so that he can rescue his family from shame. Some surveys suggest that in India the rise of youth suicide is a result of the breakdown of traditional large family support system.

In joint families, people have so many people around so that he can share his emotions, his feelings with others. As we move to nuclear families, we leave the family strength far behind.

In joint families, elders scold the young ones for wrongdoing so that young one doesn’t get into depression easily but now the young ones find it difficult to mingle with others.

One of the big problems is the dominance of Indian parents in a child's life.

Many dreams are just broken by their loved ones. In KOTA, many students just committed suicide after their IIT exam as they don’t want to become engineers. No matter if you become a writer, poet, journalist, filmmaker, chef, doctor or a homemaker, every profession needs practice and a hardworking soul.

Communication gap

We all pass through the time where we feel loneliness, hopelessness, and experienced failed love. Emotional weakness and institutional pressure happened to everyone at one time but what pulls us from all this is the communication we had with our loved ones. It helps people a lot to fight their way back from depression.

Good communication is what you needed to heal, In old age, our grannies used to tell us moral stories just to inculcate the goodness in our lives. If the young ones have good communication with the elders it becomes so helpful for them. There is also a 24-hour helpline that offers counseling, and track callers suffering from depression. These are available thanks to the government and some NGO’s.

Fear of getting failed

The survey shows that one of the reasons behind juvenile suicide is fear of getting failed. Getting success or failure is a part of life. To become successful one has to pass through many failures. Like the night is incomplete without the moon, the same goes for success being incomplete without failure.

There is no solid reason that drives the youth to commit suicide. Over 16,000 students committed suicide in the last three years. This is a wakeup call for all the teachers and parents to build up a healthy relationship with their children. Parents need to understand that no matter what career your child chooses if his/her interest is on that, no one can stop them.

The students also boost up their confidence levels f they understand that getting failed is not the last option in life.

If every great person thought so then there would be no Sachin Tendulkar, Satyajit Ray, Imraan Khan or Arundhati Roy. Before committing suicide, one must think that by doing this, he is just passing the pain to others.

“The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die." -Juliette Lewis