The media is doing a great service by reporting crimes against women, which seem to be on the increase in India despite the government having passed the Nirbhaya Act to deter rape. The government also amended the 1861 Indian Penal Code from the days of the Raj and enhanced the punishment for rape to death. The earlier punishment was just seven years RI.

MidDay has now reported that a young woman was raped under the tutelage of her elder sister and her boyfriend and her rape was recorded. She was then blackmailed with the recordings and forced into prostitution.

The incident

The girl has reported the incident to the police, and they are investigating the case. The Hindustan Times reported that the girl lived with her elder sister when her boyfriend raped her. A camera recording was made, and the girl was threatened that the tapes would be made public in case she did not comply. She was then taken to lodge in Chuna Bhatti on the Harbor line and repeatedly raped and forced into prostitution. The girl has complained to the police that she was unaware she was being raped as she was probably drugged.

Rape crimes in India have not abated despite the stringent act passed. One reason for this is that though the act was passed many years back yet not a single sentence has been executed.

Even the men sentenced to death for the rape and murder in the Nirbhaya case are still in jail as the government drags its feet in sending the men to the gallows. This has an adverse effect, and criminals feel that come what they will not be hanged. Crimes of rape are continuing, and the government and the Courts are sitting on at least a dozen such cases.

Judicial process

The judicial process in India is slow, and in many cases, the mercy petition to the president hangs on for years. The Allahabad High Court set aside a death sentence of an accused in a murder case as his mercy petition was not decided for years and the court felt that there was an inordinate delay in his case.

It also observed that a convict could not be kept on death row for decades.

Last word

In this case, the girl was forced into prostitution, and her elder sister took the money. The police have started an investigation, but as yet no arrests have been made. The number of rapes in India is on the increase in the urban areas, and the Modi government will have to pass instruction to implement the act passed by parliament within a reasonable frame of time. The Chunabhatti police are investigating the case under the jurisdiction of the commissioner at Kurla.