First dates are special. You are quite excited about your first date with the opposite sex. At the same time, first dates are tricky as well. Whether or not you two are going to see each other again depends majorly on how it goes on your first date.

To help you convert your first date into a relationship, here are 9 Dos and Don’ts that you should keep in mind –


1. – Respect Time. Coming late is really a turn-off. Try not to be late on your first date.

2. – Look Good. Girls always want to look best on their date. Guys should also make some (at least) such efforts.

3. Discuss Date Ideas. What’s your idea of dating - such as movie outing, McDonald’s, Long Drives, Dinner, etc. - should be discussed well beforehand. And, if there is an offbeat or unexpected date idea, don’t hesitate, it will help you learn more about your could-be-possible partner.

4. Show You’re Interested Too. To move to one-level up, you should act like you are interested in that person and his/her talks.

5. Listen. The best way to show you’re genuinely interested in this relationship is to listen to him or her with evident face expressions.

6. Ask. It will allow you to understand your partner well.

7. Eye Contact. Establish eye contact while talking. This will boost your confidence and comfort level.

8. Compliment. Everybody loves compliments. If you want to make him/her feel special, throw in some compliments. And you will see things moving in positive directions.

9. Manners. Mind your manners. The first date is the best time to show how well mannered you are.


1. Don’t Tell How Great You Are. There’s no point showing your egocentricity.

Remember, you planned your date to know about the individual on the other side of the table.

2. Don’t Play With Your Phone. Why check phone notifications, when you are there to notice someone or get noticed by someone?

3. No Skin Show. I mentioned in the Dos above – “Look Good.” That certainly doesn’t mean showing cleavage or a hairy chest.

Practice decency, so your partner can see your nature, not your body.

4. Don’t Talk About Past Relationships Too Much. You are here on a date hoping to start a new relationship. Why talk about your Exes, when you are planning your future.

5. Don’t Plan Your Kids. Planning for a happy relationship and future is good. But, family planning shouldn’t be a point of discussion on your first date.

6. Don’t Get Too Personal. Who on earth asks “which branch of Engineering your brother is in?” or “how much does your father earn?” on a first date.

7. Don’t Invite Him/Her At Your Place. You don’t know who that individual is. So, that’s a bad idea to meet him or her at your place.

8. Don’t Look Like A Despo.

Being desperate often leads to rejection and broken partnership.

9. Don’t Discuss Your Sexual Fantasies. It can distract the purpose of your first date. Keep it for upcoming dates.

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