It has been heard through the grapevine that there are many health benefits of dark chocolate. Some researchers claim that it can actually boost your brain and heart functions significantly while increasing your memory, cognition, and other crucial functions. Nowadays, many companies are selling it by making it famous as an aphrodisiac or simply a "Love Food."

I know many people who are consuming dark chocolates available on the market, or on the internet like maniacs; without even knowing the real health benefits. I do not believe in rumors easily and I know that many large MNC's are somehow making the innocent consumers into fools, by selling them pieces of processed sugar-sweetened chocolate, which barely has any health benefit.

I wanted to know the real secret of dark chocolate and that's why I did some deeper research into whether it really has any health benefit. If you are also a fan of chocolate, read on to find out what I have shared. There are some real secret health benefits of this chocolate, so keep reading.

What actually is dark chocolate?

Before you start eating dark chocolates easily available on the market; you must know what dark chocolate actually is and what is it made from. It is mainly made up of cocoa or cacao, which is categorized as follows: --

  • Cacao: -- Cacao is the real natural ingredient, which is available in the form of beans from the natural evergreen plant of cocoa. It is sometimes also called cocoa beans or cacao. Cocoa beans or cacao are the main beneficial ingredient of chocolate that has some major health benefits.
  • Cocoa: -- Cocoa is actually a roasted powder of the raw cocoa beans. Cocoa is somewhat beneficial for your health, but not much like the raw cocoa beans.
  • Chocolate: -- Chocolate is also a byproduct of the raw cocoa beans of cocoa. Chocolate is manufactured by processing the cocoa or cacao and mixing it with sweetening agents and preservatives. Chocolates have few health benefits over the raw cocoa beans.

How to choose the best dark chocolate for consumption?

If you really want to get the health benefits of dark chocolate, then you must choose the best that's available on the market.

Do not just buy any chocolate from the market, but look for the label on the chocolate and search for the amount of raw cocoa beans or cacao. Choose the chocolate having the maximum amount of cocoa beans or cocoa in it and look for the darkest color chocolate for consumption.

Chocolates containing the raw cacao or cocoa beans are the best because these beans are not roasted before making the chocolate and contain a large amount of healthy raw cocoa beans.

Food experts suggest that the best way to consume chocolate is to prepare them yourself at home.

The processed chocolate available on the market has very few amounts of healthy cocoa beans. The reason why most chocolate producing companies keep the amount of raw cocoa beans low is because of its bitter taste. Raw cocoa beans contain polyphenol that makes their taste bitter.

However, polyphenols are the healthiest compounds found in the cocoa beans that can increase your cognitive functions and memory. So, if you are not obsessed with sweet chocolates and can eat a bit bitter cocoa beans, then you can prepare the chocolate yourself at home.

5 health benefits of dark chocolate

There are many health benefits of dark chocolate and many types of research done in this field have also proven that it is actually healthy for your heart, brain, and overall body functioning. It mainly contains two beneficial compounds: polyphenol and flavanol that makes it the best food for its health benefits. If you are still oblivious to it, then here I am sharing five such benefits with you.

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  • It can make you younger: -- So, do you want to love your wife everyday like a younger man? Then smile because dark chocolate has come to your rescue to make you feel younger and healthier with one of its major compound flavanols. The raw cocoa bean powder contains around 30 milligrams of flavanol per gram of powder, which is enough to kill the free radicals lurking inside your body which make you older over years. Flavanol can reduce the effect of free radicals by acting as an antioxidant.
  • It can improve blood Flow: -- Your natural blood flow is also crucial for your cardiovascular health and the natural compound, flavanol, found in the dark chocolate can help to maintain the blood flow in your body by making the platelets less sticky and can also relax the blood vessels in your body.
  • It can make you smarter: -- It has a natural compound which can boost your memory and cognition. It can increase your brain’s reaction time, attention span, and problem-solving capabilities at the same time. So, next time you want to impress a girl with your memory, then start eating dark chocolate in advance.
  • It can lower your bad cholesterol: -- The reason why many chocolate producing companies have given dark chocolate the name of “Love Food” is because of its many health benefits and one more health benefit of this love food is that it can help your body to lower the bad cholesterol, i.e. LDL from your body, while increasing the level of good cholesterol. This can obviously lower the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases in your body.
  • It is good for your skin: -- If you are a woman or a young girl, who often ignores eating dark chocolate while worrying about its high amount of calories; then give up all your fears because it can actually help your skin to look brighter and younger. The Flavanol found in it can also help you look younger naturally because of its antioxidant properties, which can also protect your skin from UV and increase natural blood flow to your skin.

What do you think about dark chocolates?

So, after knowing all these health benefits of dark chocolate, I am sure that you would have started searching on the internet for the best raw cocoa beans powder to make it yourself or have prepared to buy it from the market.

It is one of the best foods that you can eat before going to bed or in the morning with your breakfast, or any time when you are feeling romantic.

However, you must avoid eating an excess amount of chocolate and the permissible amount is around one ounce of raw nibs per day. Enjoy this healthy love food with your partner or girlfriend and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me.