Asaram is jailed for life, and that is an indelible fact that his supporters have to face. There is no doubt that Asaram was a mean man who donned the garb of a holy saint and indulged in many activities of a prejudicial nature. He is involved in murder, convicted of raping a minor and amassing vast property and assets by questionable means. The baba claims a following of 40 million and has ashrams spread around the world. Now that the baba has been convicted of rape a Twitter war has erupted on social media. Many have accused the BJP in particular of patronizing Asaram.

National Herald has reported that many on Twitter have even held the prime minister Modi of being part of the attempt to build up the pseudo-saint by seeking his blessings.


Videos have surfaced that show the prime minister seeking the blessings of Asaram and thanking him for his rise in politics. This does look bizarre, and even if we give the benefit of the doubt to Modi as Farhan Akhtar, the Bollywood actor wants yet the fact cannot be hidden that the PM and top BJP leadership is under the sway of Hindu godmen in the mistaken belief that they represent Hinduism. Even now some BJP members of parliament have said that all this is a conspiracy to defame Hinduism.


The BJP claims that it is a revivalist party for Hindu thought and culture.

Unfortunately, in practice, it comes down to patronizing shady godmen and pseudo-saints. It is rumored that Jagdish Khattar the Haryana CM was a follower of Baba Ram Rahim, now serving a jail sentence for rape. There are videos doing the rounds that the ExPM- Atal Bihari Vajpayee was dancing with Baba Asaram. This is, to say the least silly.

One wonders what word one can use for such acts. The flip side of such patronage is that the people like Asaram have a chance to fool the gullible masses and the BJP is guilty of patronizing such shady characters.

It's a pity that the executive head of a government and top BJP leaders like Vajpayee and Modi have all the time to spend at the ashram of such charlatans who in fact have defamed the great Hindu religion.

Though other political parties like Congress are also involved yet, the BJP is the only party, where prime ministers pay obeisance to such self-styled godmen. I can recollect that about five years back when first charges of rape were leveled against Asaram, the then BJP leader of the opposition Sushma Swaraj had said he was a "holy man."

Last word

It's about time the Indian masses separate the milk from the water like the proverbial stork and select leaders who are progressive and can lead India forward than just sitting at Ashrams of self-styled godmen and chanting hymns.