James Comey was an unknown man till Trump sacked him. He is one of the few directors of the CIA whose name has become famous all over the world. The credit for this must go to Trump who decided to sack him and then after his book appeared he began a Twitter tirade against him as an "unreliable" man. James Comey took his sacking in the right spirit, but he had a lot of ammunition up his sleeve as being a professional man he had made notes of all his meetings with the president. These memos came in handy, and he could draw on them as a source and use it in his book.

The book is a best seller, and this is something not to the liking of trump. People are always interested in salacious news, and hundreds and thousands want to know about Trump the man and his famous "golden Showers" incident in Moscow. Is it a fact? CNN has reported that Comey in his book says that Trump was obsessed with the Moscow news and the unsavory details and wanted Comey to crush the news. When that did not happen, he sacked him.

Comey's book

Leaked reports and some passages of the book bring out Comey's opinion about Trump. He compares him to a Boss of a Mafia group, the type of people Comey hunted all his life. So he must know what is the mentality of a mafia boss. He paints a dismal picture of the president as a man who lives in his own world divorced from reality.

The book will be a best seller, and I won't be surprised if it tops the list of best-selling books. This will not be liked by Trump, and one can see from his point of view that a book that contains malicious news about him and it is read by hundreds of thousands cannot be liked. He and his supporters have taken to Twitter to castigate Comey, but the fact is that there cannot be smoke without fire and it's not only American but in places like Europe and India people want to know what sort of man Trump is and the truth about the Moscow incident.

Russian connection

Trump is trying to put out the bushfire of the "Russian Connection" by being harsh on Russia. This is his way to show his supporters that he has nothing to do with Russia. He himself has said that relations are worse than during the cold war. This is not good news because Trump may not know what Putin has up his sleeve.

The Russians may be just marking time and seeing what Trump does before they react. But Trump will have to do more than just being tough on Russia, for no incident is blown up if there is no truth. The fact that the Trump's" exploits" in Moscow are known to all is not something he can be happy about and the days to come will certainly see more fireworks.