Saturn, the most feared planet, but a seriously misunderstood one, has become retrograde on April 18, 2018, Wednesday, at 07:10 am, Indian Standard Time (IST). It had entered the sign of Sagittarius on October 26, 2017 (Thursday) at 18:11 pm. The Retrograde motion will bring many changes individually and globally.

Why is Saturn feared?

Saturn is not heartless to cause trials and tribulations as many people believe. Being the second-largest planet in the solar system, Saturn has a higher power to influence everything. Primarily, it rules the karma of the person, and so he is the chief justice too.

It is a largely misunderstood planet because no one likes difficult times in their life. Saturn does bring challenges, but the purpose is to bring out the best of the abilities in a person.

This planet ordains the fruits of karma, and thus there is an uncanny fear that is evoked among many. People are afraid when astrologers tell them that they will be under the influence of Saturn through the 2.5-year panoti and the 7.5-year sadesati. According to Indian astrology, the panoti and sadesati are calculated according to the moon sign. It is believed to be a difficult phase of Saturn, so to speak, where you definitely have his attention.

During this retrograde phase, a person may face his most difficult life challenges.

For many people, the results are different, because each horoscope is unique and only a proper study can determine what the effects will be. However, many people have also found that this period has brought many hidden perspectives which were not visible in ordinary sight. It is not only a testing time for you but also proves to be an eye-opener regarding those people we trust blindly.

It is Saturn’s special ability to let you see things for what they are rather than through your own colorful lens. This is what instills fear in the hearts of people because everything changes from the financial situation, friendships, business associations, to our relations with family members.

Saturn is the most benevolent planet if you have good karma

The retrograde motion of Saturn is likely to bring many changes according to its position in your own horoscope. If your astrologer tells you that Saturn is currently not favorable, the idea is simply to help you deal with the fact that you are about to receive new perspectives. Many people fear to change itself and want their life to run in a certain comfortable way.

Saturn is a planet that detests complacency because it is only through difficulties that a person has discovered talent, skill or inner strength, which they never believed they had, until that point. He is surely a hard taskmaster, one who will put you to a tough test, but also wants a person to understand that Good karma begets good results.

Saturn has made some middle-class people into some of the richest individuals in the world. It thus means that we need our store of good karma to get benefits from him.

Please keep in mind, however, that he is not under any obligation to give you those good results when you want them. He is most likely to give you the results of bad karma done either in this birth or the previous and nullify the karmic effects in the present. If there is no judge in this world, then any person would be free to inflict injustice on others without the fear of being judged or punished.

Thus, it is Saturn’s job to make sure that the law and order situation runs smoothly. It is a slowing moving planet, and so the results of bad or good karma are sometimes not visible or judged immediately.

Saturn does give time to humans for repentance and rectification.

Thus, he allows people to make an internal change to choose better karma in case they have wronged someone. He does not judge or punish too soon, but if people lose this time of introspection, it’s obviously their bad luck!

Saturn becomes progressive on September 06, 2018 (Thursday) at 17:02 pm.

The total number of retrograde days will be 142 Days.