Last week I was traveling, from Nagpur to Ahmedabad, and I met a 76 years old man in my train. He was running with the train to step up when I saw him first. And then after coming into the compartment, I saw him climbing up on the third birth. In this age people even can't work, walk, or think properly!

Generally, old people also get trapped in negative thinkings, dissatisfaction, and asperities. But this man was having joy in his heart and a special kind of peace in his expression. I asked him the secret of his pink fair cheeks, strong bones, and smiling face that was forcing me to think.

How can a man be so positive, healthy, happy and disease-free in 76+ age? What is the secret of his healthy, happy & long life?

I think everyone among us wishes to have a healthy, happy & long life. Such a physical and mental phase is cherished by all of us. Everyone wants to get blessed with a disease-free life. Inspiring by my curiosity I asked him about his life, after a few hours. I got astonished on knowing about all the negative factors in his life, that so many among us do have.

He was not a multi-millionaire or a kind of having the 'all-happy' life! He was just a middle-class man whose property is snatched by his brothers. He was having nothing except his three daughters, but..........but he is a happy man!

His story of life even raised more questions in my conscious, and I asked him to give me some tips to live a healthy, happy & long life. He briefed me about his lifestyle and gave me a few tips too, to follow.

Whatever he taught me I am sharing it with you, which will be; I am sure; encouraging and appraising for you.

Tip.1: Develop Right Eating Habits

  • Start eating the right food, at the right time and in a right amount, since the young age. Like the 20s or 30s, if you really cherish a dream to live a disease-free life!
  • Don't spoil your life eating every this and that. If you will eat in a manner which hovers around only taste, once you will be near 40 all the physical and mental health problems will start emerging, And your dream of a healthy, happy & long life would never come true.

Tip.2: Practise Yoga Since Young Age

  • Yoga: is the only way that can keep you disease-free and gifts you a healthy, happy & long life, too. All the exercises can keep you slim or physically fit. But if you will practice yoga then only you would imagine being mentally and physically healthy.
  • Only Yoga can save you from all the diseases like Thyroid, Varicose veins, heart attack, paralysis etc.Yoga is a complete exercise.
  • My set of 15 yogas, Suryanamaskar, 5 Meditations, can sanctify everyone with health and peace.
  • Meditate at least for 15-20 mins every morning, this will give you a power-boosted brain for the whole day.

Tip.3: Follow Naturopathy and Ayurveda

  • Use Ayurveda medicines, homeopathic, or bio-chemicals to treat an emerging health problem. Use Allopathy only in the emergency conditions. Romesh says, what allopathy do in an emergency no other sort of medicines can do. He adds, "But I am sorry, Allopathy medicines cannot make you disease-free that Ayurveda & Naturopathy can do."
  • Use Turmeric, Neem, Fenugreek etc natural and medicinally valued ingredients. These boost your immunity as well as cure the diseases.
  • "I practice" ; says Romesh; " Water yoga, Shivambu Chikitsa and Pranayama to battle with the diseases and stress." To remain disease-free is a way to live a healthy, happy & long life- preaches the 76 years old ' Young-Man'.

Tip.4: Stay Away From Negative Feelings

  • Just don't allow negativity to mess up your thinking procedure, ever. This is the biggest secret to live a healthy, happy & long life. The moment you start indulging yourself in negative thinking you start destroying your mental and physical health.
  • Practice revolving around only positive things in your life. Because no-one is having only happy sides. Every life on this earth is having his own share of sadness, ruination, and downfalls. We should learn to focus on the positivity of life. This also blesses you to stay disease-free.

Tip.5: Practise Virtuous Morals in Life

  • Read good books and practice auspicious, gravid and virtuous morals in life, if you want to live a super healthy, happy & long life.
  • Have a space in your heart for God and his majesty, because this can save you from shattering feelings like hatred, jealousy, anger, vengeance, etc.
  • Faith in God can save you from so many meaningless fusses & messes in life.

If you really want to live a healthy, happy & long life; says Romesh, "Yoga & Meditation can keep you healthy, Naturopathy & Ayurveda can keep you disease-free, whereas to live happily you need to be good at heart and practice virtuous morals."

At last, he emphasizes, "Eating habit can only decide where you will go in your old age!!

To be selective in your types of food. Eat fewer grains and more vegetables. Your food would decide you would remain healthy or not. Yoga and good eating habits are vital & exigent to live a healthy, happy & Long life."