Life is stressful and fast-paced because everyone is accessible with gadgets. Your cell phone nearly performs the work of an average computer that was sold a few decades ago.

This means that the average professional expectations have increased tenfold and has contributed to stress resulting in high blood pressure, diabetes and other lifestyle conditions. We do have a stress buster which we call television, but that offers more drama and tense news from the world over rather than simple relaxation.

How does one combat stress?

While some stress is also useful to get us in a great working mode to give a better performance work-wise, most stress is of the damaging variety.

One great way is to limit your usage of the mighty cell phone. Whether it’s mail, messaging apps, shopping, videos or games, there is no need to get constantly hooked to the cell phone.

Try to let the phone rest and save some battery life and yours as well. Start with giving rest to your eyes. Our eyes are visual organs that never rest, and just because they serve us faithfully, we never realize that they can get tired too. Over-worked eyes are tiring for the brain as well because you are constantly giving it visual information that it needs to process. During a normal workday, avoid using the phone more than it is required.

After every working hour, simply close your eyes, relax and take a few deep breaths.

When we are focused on tasks, our voluntary breathing is shallow and taking a few deep breaths does wonders to let loads of oxygen reach your entire body and provide new vitality.

Meditation is a great way to relax

When we say meditation, most people have no idea what it really means! Does it mean chanting ‘OM’? Does it mean chanting mantra?

Is it connected to yoga? The answer is really simple. Anyone can chant a mantra, but meditation simply means reflecting on yourself. It involves calming your mind and being aware of your thought process. When your brain is consciously thinking, there is very little time for intuition or creativity.

Allowing your brain to relax allows it to go to a deeper level where you can find creative solutions to any problem.

When you are meditating, all you have to do is sit quietly! Watch your breath and train your brain from chattering away uselessly. Our brain is constantly thinking something or the other. When you allow it to calm down consciously, it will give better perspectives which you haven’t thought of before. Creativity or intuition comes only when we are finely tuned to the universe. Through meditation, we allow ourselves to delve into this universal infinite energy.

You don’t necessarily need any paraphernalia like a yoga mat. All you need to do is sit quiet wherever you are, take a few deep breaths and focus on calming yourself completely. It sounds easy, but isn’t, because as soon as you do this, your brain starts bombarding you with a thousand thoughts.

This is exactly what is expected and what one needs to let go. Don’t control your thoughts because they will come flooding to you as soon as you try to focus. Just let yourself calm down and with practice, you will be able to go in a Zen-like mode without trying to desperately control your brain. The purpose here is to get intuitive or creative insights with meditation, so don’t stop your brain. Over a period of time, the chatter will stop and you will get valuable ideas that you have not thought of consciously!