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Media Mocks Minister Harsh Vardhan For His Remarks On Hawking And Vedas

Journalists take to Twitter to criticize Science Minister Vardhan. He is a national embarrassment, they say.
Stephen Hawking must be rolling in his grave now. At the 105th Indian Science Congress held at Imphal, India’s Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan said that the dearly departed Hawking had once remarked that the Indian Vedas have a theory that’s far superior to Einstein’s e=MC^2. When the media questioned the origin of the source, the minister asked the reporters to find it on their own. Journalists, however, took to Twitter to thrash the minister. “Modi's science minister, ladies and gentlemen. He fondly believes Hawking said the Vedas might contain stuff like e=mc^2 and will tell India's greatest conclave of scientists that.What a complete embarrassment of a government, from beginning to end,” tweeted Mihir Sharma, a columnist for Bloomberg View, ridiculing the minister. Sandhya Ramesh, a senior journalist who covers science, found the source: It’s a Facebook account of an Indian guy who uses the name, “Stephen Hawking.” The unverified Facebook account’s...