Former employees of verizon Data Services India (VDS India) have lodged a complaint with Hyderabad police, alleging that the management intimidated them into signing their resignation letter. They alleged that the company used bouncers and hooligans to threaten them.

In a massive layoff on December 12, last year, VDS India let go of nearly 250 employees. Several employees claim that the company treated them unfairly by physically coercing them to submit their resignation. The retrenched employees of Verizon India, now operating under the banner of Forum of IT professionals, lodged a police complaint in which they stated that they did not sign the resignation voluntarily.

"There was both physical as well as mental threat to us and the management coerced us into signing the document,” the complaint read.

Hyderabad police have started their investigations. The officials are now looking at the company’s CCTV footage.

Meanwhile, the retrenched employees have also filed petitions with the labour department, blaming the company for 'unlawful termination’.

Kiran Chandra, one of the founding members of the Forum of IT professionals, said that the community is trying to educate IT employees, as there is a dearth of awareness in labour laws in India.