India has always been a priority market for Facebook. Now, the social media giant is looking to hire people in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Gurgaon.

Facebook is actively seeking candidates in HR, marketing, advertising, sales, media partner services, legal, product marketing, and solutions engineering.

The company is also looking for a communications manager for WhatsApp in India.

Both in India as well as abroad, Facebook is looking to hire many creative strategists for its Facebook Creative Shop.

According to Facebook, the creative strategist should have at least 8 years of experience in an ad agency.

The candidate should be proficient in digital storytelling. By forging partnerships with advertising agencies, across India, Facebook’s creative strategist must mentor teams at these agencies to use Facebook Creative Shop.

What is Facebook Creative Shop?

In an effort to dole out creative, engaging ads catering to specific user base, the social media giant has formed a niche community of marketing experts who work for Facebook Creative Shop. This community comprises creative directors, brand marketers, and sales managers who join hands to build customized, revenue-generating solutions for Facebook. The objective of this team is to create advertisements that break traditional norms and create an engaging user experience.

This team works with Facebook’s team at the headquarters to create user-centric tools and processes.

Story Packs

Facebook Creative Shop is a user-friendly platform that empowers people without any design skills to create beautiful ads. After years of research, the social media platform has discovered story formats that work well with the audience.

These formats are delivered through Facebook’s pre-existing ad themes or templates called “Story Packs.”

Marketing Science

Facebook wants its clients to make money through the ads they run on the platform. In an effort to offer direct assistance to the clients, Facebook in India is looking to hire what it calls a, “Direct Response Measurement Lead.” This candidate with interact with Facebook’s client regularly, analyze data, and offer solutions that would increase revenue for the client.

The candidate for this position will be based in Gurgaon.

In Hyderabad, Facebook is hiring Escalations Manager, Risk & Response, Market Manager, Community Operations, Outsourcing Partner Manager, and Solutions Engineer (Marketing Intelligence).

Meanwhile, in Singapore, Facebook is on a hiring spree. Considering the massive Indian population in Singapore, this opportunity will open doors for Indian engineers and marketers as well.

The social media conglomerate is looking to fill in 152 positions. In Singapore, Facebook will hire four creative strategists. Other jobs include positions ranging from corporate communications to logistics operations analysts. The company is also hire what it calls, “Business Integrity Associate.” The primary role of this candidate is to investigate and define clear business problems and come up with solutions that’s based on data-driven analytics.

Facebook’s European Initiative

On January 22, Facebook announced that as part of its community boost initiative, the company will train one million people in Europe. The social media giant will open tech hubs in Spain, Poland, and Italy. Facebook has also invested 10-million Euro in France through its AI research facility. The company also announced its partnership with Freeformers and will train 300,000 people across Europe and the UK. Facebook’s training will be both online and in-person. The objective is to empower more business owners and help them expand their digital footprint.

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