From the looks of it, the Indian job market is poised to show an optimism-pessimism continuum in 2018.

Today, when hiring candidates, companies are looking for enthusiasm and capability rather than experience and credentials. Therefore, job prospects are looking up for younger competent candidates in segments, such as e-commerce, banking, health, and education. With the advent of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), machine learning (ML) and data science, it’s hard to find candidates with experience because these technologies are at a nascent stage.

Therefore, recruiters are looking at skills and capabilities rather than education and experience. This has led to a newfangled description called, “New Collar jobs

Seema Kumar, Country Leader, Developer Ecosystem and Startups, IBM India/South Asia, reiterated the need for specialized jobs that require technical acumen. She said that lack of training would result in a skyrocketing population of unemployed or underemployed citizens. “We believe the industry is no more bifurcated into blue-collar and white-collar jobs. The 'new collar' job community is embracing technology rapidly, forging deeper relationships with ecosystem partners and acquiring 'in-demand' skill-sets," Kumar told IANS.

Companies like Wipro are looking to add more staff in the areas of analytics, AI, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Increase in pay scale

The findings of Mercer's 2017 India Total Remuneration Survey reveal that 2018 will see a surge in salary hike. Nearly 791 organizations across sectors took part in the survey, and the consensus was that the organizations are willing to dole out a 10% increase in salary to their employees. About 55% of the organizations said they will be actively hiring this year.

According to the report, organizations will increase their headcount in retail sector, more specifically in the areas of merchandising, store design, analytics, supply chain, and computer imagery.

Who is hiring and firing?

While more than 50,000 employees from the Indian telecom sector will lose their jobs this year, almost the same number of candidates will be recruited by the Indian Railways.

Amazon creates 6,500 temp jobs

Amazon, for instance, has created 6,500 temporary jobs to meet the demand of its ongoing Great Indian Sale, which will be held until January 24. These jobs will fill in positions at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, sortation centers and delivery stations. The company has recruited nearly 1,000 employees to fill in its customer service centres.

Apple to create 4,000 jobs

US tech conglomerate Apple is looking to create over 4,000 jobs in India. The company is now working on India-centric tech features, such as maps and other product offerings.

Samsung India to hire 1,000 engineers

Just like its competitors, South Korean tech giant Samsung is now focusing on adding on to its “new collar jobs” portfolio.

The company aims to recruit 1,000 graduates from IIT, BITS Pilani, Delhi College of Engineering and Manipal Institute of Technology, among others.

Students with a passion for AI, IoT, machine learning, networks, and augmented reality will be given preference.

Paytm to strengthen its top brass

Paytm, India’s leading e-payments and e-commerce brand, is looking to hire talent for its top brass positions. The company is planning to hire 150 graduates from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

SBI to create 9,500 jobs

State Bank of India is on a hiring spree. The financial institution aims to hire over 9,500 candidates for its sales and customer support roles.