Nikki Haley is a well-known face on the international stage. She is the permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations. Before this appointment, she was the Governor of South Carolina. Rumors have spread that she has had an affair with Donald Trump, the president of United States.

Indians are greatly interested in this news because Nikki Haley is an Indian. Her father Ajit Singh Randhawa migrated from India to Canada and from there, her parents went to the United States. Nikki was born in America and is the youngest child of this Sikh family.

Nikki was born a Sikh but later converted to Christianity and married an American. The news that she is rumored to have had an "affair" with the president has been alleged by Michael Wolff, the writer of the latest book on the White House. He is the author of " Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump white house." The news of the affair has been reported by most newspapers in the world including Newsweek.

India and Nikki

In India, nobody attached much importance to Niki Haley, until the time she was appointed the American ambassador to the United Nations. After she became the Ambassador, the Indian public, by and large, began to follow her life for the simple reason, that her parents were Indians who followed the Sikh religion.

Early on she was critical of the US president but all this changed after she was appointed the Ambassador to the UN.

The rumour

In his latest book, Wolff has said that Nikki Haley spent quality time with the US President in Air Force One. Ms. Haley has not denied meeting the president any number of times in Air Force One but she has countered by saying that she was never alone with the president.She has termed the rumors of an affair with the president as "highly offensive."

In India, this news about the alleged affair between Haley and the president is something most Indians will believe.

It may or may not be true and mostly it could be just a rumour but the general perception is that there is a distinct possibility of an affair with the President who is known to have a roving eye for women. He is famous for the allegations of golden showers made against him by his opponents.

Last word

Nikki Haley was at one time during the election campaign, allergic to Donald Trump but after she was appointed the US ambassador to United Nations she made an about-turn.

This is perhaps part of politics which is the art of making the impossible, possible but people in India will follow the Nikki Haley affair story with interest. This is natural as Niki and her parents have close ties with India