The Gujarat police hit back after VHP leader Praveen togadia accused them of trying to eliminate him in an encounter.

Police official J Bhatt addressed the media and gave a detailed account of how Togadia was found and how he got himself admitted to the hospital. He even said that when he reached the spot, Togadia was hale and hearty and was admitted to the hospital even though nothing had happened to him.

He added that it is unthinkable to encounter someone who has 'Z-plus' security, and the accusations are all false.

Togadia was not missing

After the initial investigation, it was reported that the VHP leader was not missing and he was staying at his friend's house.

Immediately after he gained consciousness in the hospital, Togadia addressed the media and accused the Police of trying to kill him in a fake encounter. He also insisted that the telephone calls made by the Police commissioner to PM Modi should be made public.

He also accused the police of leaking a fake video in which he is shown healthy and talking to people on that day.

Was there an arrest warrant on him?

Reportedly, the Rajastan investigation team arrived in Ahmedabad to arrest Togadia. The local police accompanied them to the leader's residence where he was not found.

Togadia and a few others have an arrest warrant on them for a decade-old riot case.

Whatever the differences between the VHP and the BJP they should talk and sort it out as they both have similar ideologies.