In his first republic day speech, President Ram Nath kovind on Thursday asked all rich to sacrifice for the poor people of the nation. He remembered all those people who had sacrificed for the nation.

President Kovind stresses on housing for all

President Kovind stressed on the need for housing for all, and need to empower the youth, and also justice for women. He also revealed that more than 60% of the citizens were under the age of 35 and they are the future of the nation. He urged the youth to work selflessly towards building a progressive India.

He also spoke motivation words to the youth and asked them to help each other to reach their goals.

President for equal rights for women

In a speech that was broadcast nationally on Thursday, the President addressed the sensitive topic of women empowerment, he urged the government to bring in policies and laws to ensure justice to women, but these systems and regulations can just make a difference if all the citizens hear the voices of the daughters of India.

The president rejoiced on the achievements of India and said many things are to be achieved by 2022.

On Thursday, President Kovind received the leaders of various countries and hosted dinner for them at Rastrapathi Bhawan.

This was the first time that ten leaders of various countries were invited and were part of the Republic Day Parade. India has a tradition of inviting heads of other nations as the guests on this occasion.