The newlywed South Korean celebrities, Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo, were spotted at Incheon International airport in South Korea. The Hallyu couple had just returned from France after attending the Dior Fashion show in Paris. The couple, who have been shying way from media attention ever since their wedding last October, was captured by fans’ smartphone cameras during their stay at Paris and after their return to South Korea.

The couple was spotted at Incheon Airport on Saturday. From the looks of it, both the actors had a lovely time in Paris and stunned the audience in their Prada pieces.

Fans of the SongSong Couple are now awaiting the next big announcement: Baby news.

Last year, actor Song Joong-Ki made it clear that family comes first even at the cost of his projects and other career-centric endeavors. He also reiterated that he is ready to be “dad.” Oddly enough, after completing shooting for “Battleship Island” in 2016, he hasn’t announced his next project. The movie came out in 2017, and since then there has been no word from the actor or his agency.

Even if the baby is on the way, it remains to be seen if the SongSong couple will make the news public, as the duo has always been concerned about their privacy.