The Indian Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu addressed the students of Siva Sivani Institute of Management on Tuesday. Naidu, who took part in the institutions’ Silver Jubilee convocation, stressed that a mere degree would make a student complete and attain success.

Degrees do not matter

He said that education does not end with a student obtaining a degree. Continuous learning is vital even after the individual is employed. He pointed out that out-of-the box thinking is essential to survive competition. Highlighting the importance of character building, Naidu said that being smart and intelligent wouldn’t suffice.

One has to develop compassion and empathy for fellow human beings, he said.

Respect history and culture

The Vice President also pointed out that Indian students must be well-versed in the country’s history and be proud of its rich culture and heritage. The students should also learn to respect women, elders and teachers. They should also respect nature and be friendly towards animals.

Shedding light on the Indian education system, Naidu said that schools and colleges must focus on extracurricular activities like arts and craft.

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