The Congress party and in particular the ex-Finance minister P Chidambaram and his son Kartik are in deep trouble. The CBI arrested Kartik in Chennai and flown to New Delhi. He was produced before the Patiala House CBI court which gave police custody to the CBI for one day. The CBI had asked for 15-days custody.

Kartik has been accused of laundering money in the company of two notorious accused persons namely Peter Mukherjee and his consort Indrani. The Republic news has now dropped a bombshell and brought out that P Chidambaram had met the duo of Peter and Indrani and requested them to help his sons business.

Illegal money transfer

Peter and Indrani are facing charges of illegal transfer of money abroad. They are notorious criminals, and both are facing trial in Mumbai sessions court for murdering the daughter of Indrani. The crime was detected by the police, despite all precautions and the driver who was part of the conspiracy has turned approver. The money laundering case is in addition to the murder case against the duo.

Peter Mukherjee has made a statement under section 164 of the Cr PC where he has accused the former finance minister of the UPA government of asking a bribe. Chidmnbran has cried hoarsely that this is a political stunt by the Modi government to distract attention from the escape of Nirav Modi who had swindled The Punjab National Bank bank to the tune of 3 billion rupees.

Chidambaram in soup

The case is getting murky, and Chidambaram is in the soup. Even Indrani has corroborated the statement of Peter and said that a bribe of one million dollars was asked and she has confirmed that 700,000 dollars were transferred abroad through Chess Management and Advantage Strategic services. Karti reportedly suggested this.

The attention of the nation is riveted on the many financial scams that have emerged. Most of them are from the era when the UPA was in power, but Modi has his hands full to combat these massive swindles. He has instructed to pass two bills in parliament which will direct banks to carry out an audit of all NPA's above Rs 50 crores within 15 days.


In the meantime, Chidambaram is a liability to the Congress which is making a bid to return to power in the coming 2019 general election. As things stand the multiple effects of this money laundering case in which Karti is arrested will dent the credibility of the Congress and the Rahul Gandhi. For now its advantage NDA and the BJP.