In an effort to empower micro entrepreneurs, Deshpande Foundation hosted Navodyami Sammelana in Hubbali on Saturday. Thought leaders from various fields joined hands to mentor micro entrepreneurs. The objective of the event is to train and mentor aspirants from different sectors, such as food, textile and handicraft.

The various lectures and panel discussions focused on current trends in business, technology, and government schemes. The mentorship event also sheds light on banking and legal formalities that entrepreneurs will have to go through while starting a business.

Yuva Summit

Encouraging and promoting entrepreneurial spirit among college students is the prime objective of LEAD a.k.a LEaders Accelerating Development (LEAD) program. Spearheaded by Deshpande Foundation, the initiative gives college students an opportunity to interact with the society and thereby exposing them to social issues. It also enables students to come up with sustainable solutions that could address social challenges.

The key role of this program is to help students inspire, innovate and engage and thereby enabling them to become social entrepreneurs.

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