Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday announced a series of initiatives that will take India forward. He said that the government will focus more on boosting agriculture and strengthening rural economy.

Jaitley also shed light on health, transport, and cryptocurrencies.


Nearly 10 crore families in India will get Rs5 lakh health insurance cover per year. The government also aims to set up 1.5 lakh healthcare centers to provide free medicines to patients.


The government aims to spend more funds on Bengaluru Metro and Mumbai local train network.

More tracks will be added in Mumbai as funds of Rs 11,000 crore has been set aside, the finance minister said. The government has also allocated Rs 17,000 crore for Bengaluru Metro.


The government intends to add more airports in the country, Currently, India has 124 airports. The finance minister announced that India will have about 600 airports soon.

The finance minister has made it clear cryptocurrencies will not be considered a legal tender. The government will take steps to curb all illegitimate transactions. Jaitley, however, added that while the government is looking into eradicating cryptocurrency usage for illegitimate activities, there is nothing wrong in investing in them.


The finance minister said that the government is now mulling over a scheme that provides unique identity for every business.

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