America is trying to bring milk and dairy products in the Indian market. But for this, they have to make their cows and buffaloes vegetarian. The government of India has made it clear that milk products of non-veg feeding animals will not be accepted. But the Trump administration is treating it as an unnecessary obstacle. The US has mentioned this recently in the Foreign Trade Barrier Report -2017.

According to the report, India has imposed strict conditions on imports of dairy products. India is emphasizing that dairy products should be made the from the milk of animals which have never eaten meat.

India is watching over it as it is connected to religion and culture.

Religious concerns of India

In the 'Foreign Trade Barrier Report-2007, it was said that considering the religious and cultural concerns of India, the US had suggested labeling products in 2015 and the decision to buy or not and to leave the product should be left to the consumer. But India has so far rejected this suggestion, although last year, the country had agreed to continue negotiations on this matter.

Not trusting the US

Pawan Kumar Agarwal, Executive Officer of Food Safety Standards Authority of India, said that the US is ready to make sure that the prepared dairy product is not made from carnivorous milch cattle. However, how will it be ensured that the milk product that is being sent to India is not of vegetarian cattle is problematic.

Meat-based feed to increase the amount of milk

Surveer Singh, the senior scientist at the Central Institute for Research on Goats, said that milk cattle are given meat in the US, UK and Australia. The useless portions of the meat of animals such as intestines, blood etc. are added to the fodder. This increases the amount of milk in the cattle.

The American farmers make hole in the cow's body

It is very strange to see, but making a hole is actually useful to increase the production age of a cow. For scientists, it is extremely difficult to check the inside of a cow. Farmers can manipulate a cow's stomach so it's attached to the outer world. This hole is closed with a plastic ring and within a month of this surgery the cow becomes completely comfortable.

The purpose of making this pit in the cow's belly is quite clear. The scientists can find out about the digestive process of the cow. Food can be assessed to see if the cow can digest in better manner and which food it causes to suffer. All this information can be detected by this process. Meat products can also be easily detected in the cow's stomach bacteria.