After Finance Minister Arun Jaitley unveiled the Union Budget last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized that it expected to empower and boost farmers across the country. The objective is to ensure that the farmers in India get the income they rightfully deserve, he said. Modi said that the Indian farmers have contributed in a big way towards the country’s progress. "These farmers have made our nation proud by working hard to cultivate fruits and vegetables," he added. About Rs. 14.5 lakh crore has been allocated to help develop agriculture in the country, the Prime Minister said.

He added that rural areas in India will also see a massive development. New roads will be laid, about two crore toilets will be built, and about 1.75 crore homes that currently do not have access to electricity will soon have access to power and basic infrastructure, he said.

In consultation with the states, the central government will put a solid system in place to ensure that the farmers access all the benefits. Modi also highlighted 'Operation Greens’ as an effective platform for farmers.

Income tax exemption for the 'Farmer Producer Organization' is a welcome step, he said.

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