Scientists from India and the United Kingdom are collaborating to work on a series of projects that ensure clean and healthy drinking water for their citizens. On Monday, representative of both these countries released a catalog that showcases the impact of these research projects.

The projects, which primarily focuses on water quality and clean energy, will be spearheaded by several scientists and policy makers from both these countries. A joint investment of £15 million has been invested in this high-impact research project. Although the research is done by experts from the United Kingdom and India, the project aims to address global problems and provide solutions that will be relevant to the world as a whole.

Scientists from agencies such as Natural Environment Research Council (UK-based NERC) and India’s Department of science and Technology will play an active role in the project that also intends to provide cost-efficient solutions for clean energy. An initiation program will be hosted on Feb 20.

Experts will also work on solutions that involve cleaning up India’s rivers and restoring the country’s affected ecosystem.

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