At the Global Investors Summit 2018 held in Guwahati on February 3, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the northeast is at the heart of the Union government's Act East Policy. The Act East Policy enables people to initiate and boost trade ties with ASEAN countries.

Modi emphasized that India's growth story would be further energized through balanced and fast-paced growth of the communities in the northeast. The Prime Minister added that the government schemes aim to bring about a qualitative change and improve the lives of the people.

Shedding light on the “Ayushman Bharat” scheme, the Prime Minister said this healthcare initiative would benefit about 45 to 50 crore people. Modi also mentioned other initiatives taken to improve healthcare for the poor.

He said that the government is working towards introduce new agri-centric schemes. The Prime Minister added that the government is looking to implement strategies that would double farmers’ income.

Modi said that collateral-free loans will be provided to small entrepreneurs under the “Mudra Yojana” scheme. He also reiterated his commitment to curb corruption and black money.

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