India has a close relationship with the UAE. The Crown Prince of the UAE, Shiekh Mohammed Bin Zayed was the chief guest at the Republic Day parade in 2018. President Barack Obama was the chief guest in 2017. Modi is on a second visit to the UAE. He had visited the first time just after taking over as the PM in 2014. The visit was a resounding success. This time Modi is visiting Abu Dhabi for a business meeting.The Times of India has reported that along with his other engagements the Indian PM will lay the foundation stone for the first-ever Hindu Temple in the UAE.

Temple in Abu Dhabi

Land for the temple has been allocated by the Abu Dhabi government and the temple will be modeled on the Akshardham temple at Delhi. This is a feather in the cap of the UAE and shows that despite being a Muslim state, the UAE respects all religions. It is worth mentioning that almost 3 million Indian expatriate workers are in the UAE and constitute nearly 30 percent of the population. Most of the services and commercial establishments are run by Indians. They are also visible in large numbers in the construction industry. Earlier to this, the Dubai government has given permission for a Gurdwara and Church at Jebel Ali. The gurudwara at Jebel Ali is one of the biggest outside India

Modi is going to the UAE after a successful visit to Jordan and Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

In Palestine, he was given the highest civil honor by president Mahmoud Abbas when he was conferred the Grand Collar. On his visit to Arabia, he was also bestowed the highest civil award by the king of Saudi Arabia. These honors and awards show the standing of Narendra Modi in the Middle East. The Economic Times has reported that the UAE government has indicated that they will be investing large sums of money in India.

In a addition, both countries UAE and India are closely working together in fighting terrorism.

Economic bond

They are also having a strong economic bond. The UAE is India's 4th largest trading partner and India is the 2nd largest trading partner of the UAE.As a mark of honor and respect for the visit of Modi, the official buildings of Abu Dhabi were decked in India tri-color.Burj Khalifa was lit up with the Indian flag colors.

The UAE is leaning more and more towards India, as they are threatened as much as India by Islamic militancy, much of which emanates from Pakistan. Credit must go to Mr. Narendra Modi who has changed the perception of India in the Middle East which no other PM from India has ever done.The Prime Minister is winning laurels abroad but at home, he is facing tough opposition on the measures which he has introduced.