Narendra Modi is a trailblazer. No Indian prime minister has done so much for India's image abroad than him. After Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-64). who had an international standing, Modi has emerged as India's best face abroad. He has the distinction of breaking new ground like his epoch-making a visit to Israel, the first ever by an Indian prime minister. He has followed up with a visit to Palestine and the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah. Modi was given a warm welcome by the Palestine leader Mahmoud Abbas and also awarded the highest civil honor of Palestine the "the grand collar.

" Al Jazeera news channel covered the visit in detail and emphasised that Modi accepted and supported a separate Palestine state.

Modi's visit

During his visit, Modi was given great honor by all the nations surrounding Palestine. He was flown into Ramallah by Jordanian Air Force Helicopter after the first-ever visit to Jordan where he met King Abdullah. On his flight to Ramallah, he was escorted by two Israeli Air Force helicopters. Mahmoud Abbas welcomed Modi with a warm embrace and the Palestine president went out of his way to felicitate Modi. Modi on his part stressed the age-old ties between Palestine and India since the days of Nehru. India had voted against the shifting of the US embassy and recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at the UN general assembly session.

During his visit, Modi inspected a guard of honor and paid homage at the memorial to Yasser Arafat, who was a close friend of India. Modi has charted an independent policy of friendship with Israel and relations with Palestine state. There is, however, no doubt that the BJP government is tilting towards Israel where Modi has struck a personal rapport with Israeli PM, Netanyahu.

Cooperation between Israel and India is growing and during his recent visit to India, Netayanu had said as reported by the Times of India that both India and Israel were facing Islamic militancy and would fight together. No Indian countered this statement.

The universal leader

Modi during this visit supported an independent Palestine state.

This visit has put Modi in an enviable position as a universal leader who has been accepted by both Israel and Palestine. The Palestine president had hinted that India could mediate between Israel and the Palestine Arabs. Modi will have to do some tightrope walking between Israel and Palestine.

Modi is making a name on the international stage, but one wonders what will be the reaction of Donald Trump on this visit by Modi to Ramallah.No reaction has come from the USA.