A 25-year-old Indian man allegedly murdered a woman at his home in Mumbai. The perpetrator, Haridas Nirgude, told the police that the victim was his Facebook friend and he murdered her because she refused to have sex with him. According to Mumbai police, the victim was strangled to death. The police said they aren’t sure if the victim was raped. Only a post-mortem report could confirm that, cops said.

Neighbors found her mangled body outside Nirgude’s flat and called the police. Eye witnesses claim that they saw the victim enter Nirgude’s apartment.

When his house was searched, police found the victim’s mobile phone and her bag.

Child rape

Meanwhile, child rape is on the rise in India. In Gauhati, two rape suspects were beaten to death by an angry mob. The victims were accused of raping and murdering a five-year-old girl in a remote village of Namgo. The incident took place on February 12. Around thousand angry protestors barged into the police station in Tezu and demanded that the cops hand over the suspects to them. Altercations flared up during the conversation and the mob attacked fifteen cops and dragged the suspects out of the jail cell and beat them to death.

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