Jashodaben, the estranged wife of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, met with an accident on Wednesday. According to police reports, Jashodaben was traveling with six other people in a car, and her vehicle collided with a truck on a national highway in Rajasthan. Jashodaben, along with her relatives, was heading back to Gujarat after attending a wedding ceremony in Baran, a district in Rajasthan.

Although Jashodaben is safe, one of the relatives who was with her in the car succumbed to injury. Her bodyguard and her driver also suffered minor injuries.

Police is investigating the accident.

Modi's marriage

Prime Minister Modi does not live with his wife. Modi married Jashodaben in 1967 when he was only 17. They amicably parted ways in 1970. Many have accused Modi of deserting his wife and joining the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, an organization which upholds celibacy.

Modi admitted to marrying Jashodaben in 2014 when he decided to run for Prime Minister. The details of his wife came to light when he filed his nomination papers.

A complaint has been lodged against the truck driver. According to police, the truck was heading to Ahmedabad from Jamshedpur.

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