As the world is grappling with the endemic of fake news, every now and then, the report of fake news keeps coming to the fore. Today, one of the Bollywood female stars, Anushka Sharma, shocked to see her 'fabricated' interview in the Times group’s Bengali newspaper Ei Samay Sangbadbarta.

Anushka Sharma's shocked

Posting the screenshots of the ‘fabricated’ interview published in the Ei Samay, Sharma, who has 15.7 million followers, expressed her shock and called it a ‘fabricated interview’ on her official Twitter account. She expressed the intensity of her shock by capitalizing the word 'SHOCKING'.

“It is SHOCKING to see a completely fabricated interview of mine in a reputed publication like @Ei_Samay,” said Sharma.

She also clarified that she never gave an interview to Ei Samay as well as she had no interview about her personal life with any newspaper or news channel. “This is to clarify that I have NEVER done an interview on my personal life with them or with anyone else,” Sharma further clarified.

She also warned that her personal freedom should not be taken for granted. The media should be careful about personal freedom. “Just shows how carelessly your personal freedom is looked at by them,” she added.

Ei Samay Sangbadbarta

Ei Samay is one of the leading Bengali newspapers which was founded by the publisher of the Times of India, Bennett, Coleman and Co Ltd (BCCL) in 2013 in order to beat one of the Bengali leading and oldest newspapers Anandbazar Patrika (ABP group).

The Times of India(TOI), one of the leading and oldest English newspapers, is run by the Sahu family. The Times group has newspapers in most of the vernacular languages in India. The Times of India and its news channel Times Now landed many times in controversy because of fake news. On various occasions, they have been caught faking news by the media watch portals.

One of the fake news tracker websites, Altnews exposed some of the fake news aired on Times Now.

Epidemic of fake news

In the era of social networking sites, the menace of fake news is growing day by day. It has become the order of the day. In India, journalists were caught many times spreading fake news. Recently, some of the journalists were called out for peddling fake news on the Kasganj communal violence on the Twitter.

On the basis of a piece of fake news, an India Today group’s anchor Anjana Om Kashyap, conducted her entire show. It was later clarified that the tweet on the basis of which she was doing the show was a fake one.