Ever since the family members of CBI special judge Justice BH Loya suggested foul play in Loya’s death, suspicion has been deepening after each development. Since the question of whether there should be an investigation into his mysterious death or not is sub-judice, the latest development further reinforces the family's suspicion.

Sanjay Fadnavis’s threat to the lawyer working on Justice Loya’s death

According to the Caravan magazine’s report published on its website, Sanjay Fadnavis, a cousin of the Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, made a threatening a call to the lawyer Abhiyan Barahate, who was gathering information regarding the Justice Loya’s mysterious death.

In a late night call, the recording which is available on the website of the magazine shows that Sanjay said that they (BJP) are coming to power in 2019, then they will put Barahate behind bars.

Threatening that they ‘’will see what all will be done to’’ him, that is put ‘behind bars’ and police will pick him up after they come to power in 2019, Sanjay, who is the son of CM Fadnavis’s paternal uncle, abused and intimidated Barahate for what he is currently doing regarding the Justice Loya’s death case.

Barahate lodged a complaint of ‘criminal intimidation in filthy language’ with the police commissioner of Nagpur. He is working with the lawyer Satish Uke, who is actively playing a major role in bringing to the public the information related to the Justice Loya’s death.

Justice Loya’s murky death

Loya, while he was hearing the high-profile case of the Sohrabuddin fake encounter in which the bjp’s current national president Amit Shah was the prime accused, died in December 2014 in a mysterious condition. The official version cited cardiac arrest as the cause of his death but his family members raised doubts and suspicions over the official version of the story.

They also said that Loya was offered a bribe of 100 crore by then-chief justice of Bombay High Court Mohit Shah for delivering a favorable judgment in the case.

Recently one of the leading forensic experts of India, Dr.RK Sharma, after examining the documents related to the Loya’s death, also ruled out the cardiac arrest as the cause of his death.

He said there may be poisoning or a physical attack among the causes of his death.

It was the case of Justice Loya’s murky death among the other reasons that forced four senior-most Supreme Court judges to break ranks and target the Chief Justice of India Dipak Mishra in an unprecedented and unusual press conference held in New Delhi in January.