Union Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the international workshop in New Delhi on Friday. The workshop, which focused on Water conservation, revolved around the theme, “Use of Large Diameter Pipes for Mega Water Conveyance System.” Delegates from South Africa, Brazil, US, China, and Italy will present papers at the workshop.

Gadkari, who is in charge of river development, said that there is an urgent need to develop water grids in the country. He said that though India is abundant in water resources, the lack of planning and organization is preventing the supply to those in need.

Union Minister Satyapal Singh pointed out that farmers are a top priority for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has promised to double their income very soon. He said that experts should work on creating technologies that make it convenient for people to get water. He said that farmers should find it easy to grow crops and should not abandon agriculture due to a dearth of water.

Reiterating Singh’s views, secretary UP Singh said that the need of the hour is eco-friendly, cost-effective strategies that will help find a way to make sure water is readily available to those in need.

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