In a landmark judgment, the highest court of the land overturned the High Court decision and ruled that hadiya as a free citizen of the country had a right to profess and religion and marry anyone. Though the Supreme Court has rested the controversy, its directive to the NIA to investigate if her husband has links with extremist outfits will keep the issue alive and in intense focus of the media.

Case acquires the communal tone

The past few months Hadiya affair has dominated the Indian media scene.

Shefin Jahan’s marriage to a Hindu convert is now being investigated by NIA. The case has now acquired communal overtones with forces inimical to the country’s interest joining to forward their agenda.

Akhila – a product of two divergent views

Akhila is the only daughter of KM Ashokan who is a retired Armyman. Akhila had a troubled childhood with her father being an atheist and mother a devout Hindu. Torn between two completely different narratives, Akhila, who had by then completed her schooling and enrolled herself in a Homeopathic college started getting attracted towards Islam. As time passed by Hadiya became more and more convinced with the teaching of Islam.

After converting to Islam, she married a Muslim boy without her parents’ consent.

Akhila who by now had changed her name to Hadiya was not ready to leave her husband, but her father filed a petition in the High Court asking to get the custody of his daughter since he feared that his daughter could end up in Syria with her husband. The High Court had annulled her marriage and directed her to be sent back to the college to complete her education.