On Monday, the Supreme Court of India passed an order that the deadline for the linking of aadhaar, or the UID, to mobile phone numbers and bank accounts has been extended indefinitely. While many heaved a sigh of relief, other expressed disdain. Some Indian citizens pointed out loopholes and privacy issues that would occur as a result of linking the UID to bank accounts and mobile phone numbers. A user tweeted: “Dear HDFC, Airtel and others please stop spamming me with emails/messages now. I’m not linking anything to Aadhaar."

A few others pointed out that not linking Aadhaar to these accounts will lead to election fraud in 2019, particularly from residents of countries like Bangladesh, who are illegally residing in India.

A few others pointed out that there must be a delinking option for those who have already linked their Aadhaar to their bank accounts. “Now that Aadhaar linking is not mandatory anymore as per SC order, there should be an option to delink the Aadhaar for all the products which were previously linked. Apparently, RBI has been asking all digital wallets to force customers to link Aadhaar to them,” a user on Twitter pointed out.

Aadhaar, however, is required for Indian citizens who want to make use of government welfare schemes and programmes.

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