An engaging session of India Today Conclave 2018 held in Mumbai came to an end with flying colors. This year the Conclave grabbed more attention from viewers as many eminent personalities took the initiative to share their views on what they feel about society.

With that, actor turned politician Kamal Hassan, added a new feather on the first day of the India Today conclave hat by sharing his views as to why he joined politics and launched his new political party, "Makkal Needhi Maiam." There are many rumors about his stand on politics and on the working of the current government.

Why politics now

Kamal Hassan opened up and narrated his journey, from an ordinary child-artist to becoming a veteran actor then turned into a politician. When Padmaja Joshi, India’s Today TV’s Anchor, asked him why he joined politics? He said that the existing parties in Tamil Naidu are creating distress. Then he added, “Distress had been creeping into Tamil Naidu for almost half a century now. Mediocrity had become the standard, and rubbish becomes acceptable.”

Hassan has faced many controversies in past and a few months back faced flak for his remarks on “Saffron Terror” which was later cleared as Hassan made the remark in Tamil and said “saffron teevira,” which means 'extremes' and not 'terrorist.'

In the entire interview, Hassan tried to explain to the people his ideology of how he wants to bring change to the politics of Tamil Naidu.

Ideologies of Hassan

When Padmaja Joshi asked “How he will manage as he is a veteran actor?”, Hassan answered that the state has a history of actors turned politicians — three have even served as chief ministers. His heroes, Periyar and Gandhi, managed to bring about the change without getting into electoral politics. The name of the party, Makkal Needhi Maiam, stands for people’s justice.

While closing his session, Hassan explained the significance of his party symbol - six hands - going in the virtuous cycle. "They represent the six states in south India or the six zones of the nation.” He said he is anti-everything that goes wrong for the people.

After observing all the answers, one has to say that he is saddened by the state of contemporary Tamil politics.

Like every other common citizen expressed, “we all want to debate on the working of the government but when it’s comes to joining politics we all take back steps.” With even Rajinikanth plunging into Tamil Nadu politics, it will be interesting to see how these both perform.