Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP is obsessed with grabbing power than doing good for the people. Taking to Twitter, he said that the ruling party has shown utter disregard for the mandate of the people.

According to many Congress supporters, the BJP “has crossed all levels of arrogance. They have zero respect for the mandate of the people and will stoop to any low to grab power, they said.

Demonetized money misused?

Many mocked the ruling government. They said that the power-hungry BJP has turned Democracy into a joke. Be it in Goa, Manipur or Meghalaya, they are doing all they can to grab power.

The supporters also accused BJP of spending all the demonetized money to buy MLAs and build party offices.

BJP using fake photos?

Meanwhile, the Opposition also accused the Modi-led government of using fake photographs to fool the people of Karnataka, who have for years voted for the Congress.

They said that the BJP is using a false narrative and photos of downtrodden areas in other states to win votes in Karnataka.

It remains to be seen if Congress will continue to remain in power.

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