Mahesh Vikram Hegde, the founder of news website Postcard News, was arrested by the Bangalore police on Thursday morning. Hegde, a pro-BJP journalist, was arrested because he had put up a post on social media, alleging that a Jain monk was attacked by a Muslim youth. According to police officials, this was fake news meant to incite communal riots.

Based on the complaint filed on March 18 by Kavan Basavakumar and Gaffar Baig, General Secretary Bengaluru District Congress Committee, the police arrested Hegde.

BJP supporters said that the order to arrest Hegde came from the top brass of the Congress party.

“According to my sources, Karnataka Congress high-level people are involved in his arrest. They want to break our resolve! We will give them hell,” tweeted Vikas Pandey, a software architect, and BJP volunteer.

By arresting Hedge, Congress had only given free publicity to Postcard News, tweeted others who demanded the immediate release of the journalist. “If Congress comes back to power in 2019 be ready for a full-blown emergency & fascist rule,” posted Chetan Anantharamu on Twitter.

Many criticized the mainstream media for neglecting to report the incident. “Dear Media, do u remember your usual slogan? Press Freedom. If so, you won't be Dhritarashtra to what’s happening in Karnataka,” tweeted Srikumar, condemning the move by Congress.

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