The Siddaramaiah-led Congress government in karnataka recognized Lingayats as a separate Religion on Monday. Many see this as a political move by the Congress which is apprehensive about losing to the BJP in the upcoming elections. In the past, the Lingayats have supported the BJP, but now the Congress doling out a special religious status to the community comes across as the party trying to divide their political leanings.

Taking to Twitter, political analyst Ratan Sharda said that despite requests by saints to not break up the Hindu community, chief minister Siddaramaiah and the Congress party declared Lingayats as a separate religion.

“The only way the [Congress] knows of winning is dividing society into splinter groups. It abhors unity of society and nation,” he said adding that “#BreakingIndia forces in full form.”

Many, however, supported the new status. They said that they welcome the decision of chief minister Siddaramaiah for recognizing Lingayats as an independent religion and they added that this move will help millions of Lingayats in the long run.

Who are the Lingayats?

Lingayats worship Lord Shiva and believe him to be the one true god. They also believe that they'll be reunited with Lord Shiva after death.

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