After being instructed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office, Air India has refused to share details of his foreign trip under the (Right to Information) RTI Act. Last month, Lokesh Batra, a retired commodore, had filed an application with the RTI, seeking details about the dates of invoices pertaining to Prime Minister Modi’s foreign trips since 2016. Air India, however, refused to play by the rules after the PMO ordered the aviation company to not divulge any details regarding Modi’s foreign trips.

This incident has drawn a lot of flak, with people criticizing Modi for his hypocrisy.

“The government wants 1.30 billion Indians to share their data while politicians hide behind the guise of security. What about the Security of Indians?” posted a user on Twitter.

The country, of late, has also seen a rise in deaths of RTI activists. Many blame the Modi-led government. “The Congress government brought in the RTI Act to empower the citizens of India. Under the Modi government, however, it has become a death wish. with the number of murdered RTI activists rising to 67. When will the Modi government step in and safeguard whistleblowers?” asked another user on Twitter.

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