The Election Commission of India has finally announced the dates for the Karnataka polls. At a press conference held at 11am on Tuesday, Election Commissioner OP Rawat said that polling in Karnataka will take place on May 12, and the counting of the votes will be carried out on May 25. This would be a single-phase election, he said, adding that the notification will be issued on April 17.

All polling stations will be equipped with cameras/CCTVs to monitor and prevent mishaps should they occur. Training will be imparted to polling officers. Rawat appealed to the media to highlight any untoward incidents or violations in this process.

“This will help us take immediate and effective action,” he said, reiterating that the Election Commission wants the voting process to be smooth and citizen-friendly.

Rawat said that the Commission is taking steps to maintain law and order in the state by closely monitoring the activities of the political parties as well as the people.

All you want to know about the KarnatakaElections2018:

Number of seats: 224

Number of phases: 1

Date of gazette notification: April 17

Last date of nomination: April 24

Date of scrutiny: April 25

Date of withdrawal: April 27

Date of election: May 12

Date of result: May 15

Number of polling stations: 56,696

Total electors (voters): 4,96,22,357

Meanwhile, Indian citizens are questioning the authenticity of the Commission, as BJP IT Cell Head Amit Malviya had posted the election date even before the Commission made it public.

Is the Election Commission an independent body or is it BJP’s one of the many puppets, they asked. Some pro-BJP television channels were also lambasted for having gotten the information about the dates even before the Commission made it public.Election Commission said that action will be taken against BJP's social media head Amit Malviya after an investigation for posting Karnataka poll dates even before the official announcement.

“How did BJP IT cell know dates before Announcement by Election Commission? Who is leaking info to BJP?” asked a user on Twitter.

Earlier, this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s app came under scrutiny amid the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The Congress party alleged that the NaMo app collects people’s personal data, including their photographs and contacts list.

The party chief Rahul Gandhi alleged that the ruling BJP is misusing people’s personal information. The BJP, however, refuted these claims, and in a public statement, it called Rahul Gandhi “technically challenged.”

“You may not understand "this kind of stuff". Yet we'll explain "1. Narendra Modi App is maintained by BJP. Hence it's NaMo App, not PMO App 2. [Chief Minister Siddaramaiah] uses government money to run 'Siddaramaiah App' and is an abuse of office,” the BJP Karnataka cell tweeted on Monday.

Now, a French security researcher has come forward alleging that NaMo app does steal personal information. In a series of tweets, Elliot Alderson, Founder/CEO of fsociety, said that Modi’s app violates European regulations as well as the Google Play protocol.

Installation of NaMo app equals doling out device data like IP address and phone’s unique ID without consent. Moreover, the app sends this data to Modi’s website, which is run by servers in the United States, he said. “Make in India is only on Words, even NaMo app runs on foreign intelligence and don't trust Indian analytics. It’s all Fake In India,” tweeted a user.

“In this story, the problem is not the server location. The problem is to retrieve personal data such as the IP address without the user consent. This is not acceptable, politician app or not.I know what Akamai is using for...and I know it’s very common to use. My point was just: why this app is using an American company for that? You don’t have an equivalent Indian company?” asked Alderson on Twitter.

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