An incident that has shocked animal lovers has emerged from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. On March 1, a truck driver named Ibrahim Bind, a Muslim drove a truck rashly over seven puppies killing all of them.

After the incident, callously he got down from the truck and lifted the bodies and threw them in a garbage box. Mid-Day Newspaper has now reported that the police traced the truck driver and arrested for rash and negligent driving as well as causing death and grievous injury to animals as per the Indian Penal Code 1861.

Killing of seven puppies

The incident has shocked animal lovers and brings out the inhuman approach of many individuals. In this case, the truck driver aged 22, felt no remorse over the killing of seven puppies when animal rights activist Sonali Waghmare confronted him.

After the incident, the Muslim driver just drove away but a passerby Khushi Bhatti saw the incident and noted the number of the truck. He passed this information to the animal rights activist Sonali. She carried out a search of the area and easily located the driver who was unrepentant. She informed the Girgaum police who have booked Ibrahim Bind under sections 275 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code 1861. These sections concern prevention of cruelty to animals.

The sections carry a prison term of six months and five years respectively. Section 429 is particularly severe and states that any person is killing, maiming or harming cattle, or any animal of the value of more than Rs 50 will on conviction suffer a five-year Jail term.


The Indian Penal Code was enacted by the English during the Raj and is the bible of Indian law.

The IPC with some modifications remains in force even after 150 years. Salman Khan the Mumbai film star was tried and awarded a 5-year jail term for killing a black buck. He was acquitted subsequently, and the Rajasthan government has gone in appeal against the judgment to the Supreme Court.

Last word

India is rocked by a spate of incidents of cruelty to animals.

A few months back two young men had taken a puppy to a seven-story building and threw her down to the ground. The puppy suffered broken bones and luckily survived and is now under animal care.

Ibrahim, the driver of the truck, will have some tough explaining to do as PAW is following the case to its conclusion. It will be difficult for Ibrahim to get out of this incident as animal rights activists are up in arms.There appears very little justification for his act.